For the Love of the Master and his Buddhafield Poona 4 after Corona

For the Love of the Master and his Buddhafield
Poona 4 after Corona

It is going to be the beginning of a totally new phase of Osho Commune in Pune, after this Corona interval. The news is that Jayesh, and his brother Yogendra, and Amrito (who were the decision-makers of the Resort) have left. They had to leave. And they may return not so soon. In this gap or vacuum which is an existential blessing, we can meditate together ( including the ones who had to leave from Pune) and envision our commune in Pune, with a fresh spirit for the fresh start. I wish to communicate to all Osho disciples who have had the real taste and experience of living in the commune, the buddha-field of the master, asking them to come forward and express their feelings about how the commune should function after it opens up again. 

I urge you not to send your instant automatic reactions. Send your response with your meditative quality, with the grace of a disciple of the enlightened master. I will delete all the unconscious reactions from anybody using abusive or foul language towards anyone. So meditate first for a few minutes and let your response emerg out of the depth of your meditation. 

It is an invitation to all Osho lovers around the world, as the commune belongs to all of them: How would you like to see your commune to re-start, as an unfoldment of the vision of the beloved master.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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